London, UK

20th & 21st October 2017

The Ear Foundation working in partnership with AG Bell


Join our international listening and spoken language early intervention conference for those supporting children with hearing loss and families.


Professionals who are knowledgeable, skilled and passionate enable children with hearing loss to achieve the best possible outcomes and the opportunity to fly high!


Keynote speakers include:  Christine Yoshinago- Itano, Amy McConkey Robbins and Elizabeth Tyszkiewicz


This conference offers


  • Information on latest trends and research in early intervention


  • Strategies for engaging ALL families


  •        Opportunities to connect with current technology


  • A platform for sharing best practice on a global level


  • A practical plan – a folder of resources


Leave inspired, from talks and workshops delivered by a host of internationally renowned speakers and leaders in their field


Full of new ideas, as we celebrate best practice from the UK and beyond and raise expectations for children with hearing loss


With lots of practical tips, that will change outcomes for your child or the children you support. Whether a parent or a professional, we’ve made sure this conference will be for you.


Participate; found something that’s worked for you?  Know something we all should? Then share it!


Submit a short talk to showcase the great in early intervention.  Closing date 10th April


Join us, our cast of speech and language therapists, parents, teachers of the deaf, certified auditory verbal therapists and others interested in the best outcomes for children with hearing loss.


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