We are proud to share the BCIG conference posters 2022 with you; thank you to the authors for their hard work:
Utilising a virtual clinic system within a cochlear implant service a 10 year quality improvement project_Steven Backhouse


Using fNIRS to predict speech comprehension... S.Harrison


Understanding sound-quality reports from adults who wear cochlear implants- M. Salorio Corbetto


The Role of Post-operative Imaging in Cochlear Re-implant Surgery T Magos


The Relationship Between Hearing Experiences, Music-Listening Behaviors and Chord-Discrimination Abilities for Cochlear Implant Users - Cynthia Lam


The cellular response to cochlear implants, a study in a person undergoing implant replacement K. Hough


The benefit and outcome measures of pre-lingually deafened, late-implanted (PL-LI) paediatric cochlear implant usersYing Guo


Text Tracking Poster V2


Supporting language development in deaf children with Cochlear Implants from low income families Lauren Newman


SS2T BCIG 2022 V2


Sound Health - Early Red Flags of Sensory Differences - S.Hogan


Shall I Come Back Later Mathieu Trudel


Retention Poster V2 (2)


Remote Check The Life Benefits and Barriers of Telehealth Care from a Clinicians Perspective Marette Ambler


RecurrentSeromaPaediatricCochlearImplantPatients Z.Shaida


Reading Between the Numbers_A. Pretto


Preliminary electroacoustic measurements of new Marvel Link-R.Hughes


Patient Satisfaction Following Remote Upgrade A.DeKlerk


Outcomes of cochlear implantation - H. Yip


Outcomes for children with cochlear implants from families who are Deaf and use British Sign Language Amanda Tivey


One app to support you and empower families to take charge of their own hearing journey_F_Scherf


Off-the-shelf implant solutions for fibrosis and ossification are two-branch electrode arrays always necessary M. Ambler


Nurse led post operative follow up a review of current practice R.Mason


mathemathical model of the cochlea to predict intracochlear strcutures b...


Making the most of the Early Days pdf


Leveraging Real World Data To Understand Who Benefits From Cochlear Implants. Is The Data Available _ C.Findlay


Investigation of Automatic Scene Classification and Wireless Streaming Technology in the Naída Marvel Hearing System M. Brendel


Inter rater reliability of scalp measurements I Bujoreanu


Increasing access to Cochlear Implantation and lifelong - S.Archbold


In the age of NRT, are post-operative cochlear implant x-rays still required C.Leonard


HAs in the CI department The smart alliance Ms Amanda Speers


Functional Outcomes After Sound Processor Upgrades A.DeKlerk


From Virtual to Reality Sarah Angove


Fluctuations in objective vestibular function with changing cochlear implant electrode impedances David Jay


Feasibility of objectively measuring cochlear health using a cochlear implant_E. Papoutselou


Factors contributing to clinically important health utility gains in cochlear implant recipients P Greenham


Experiences and hopes of ealy deafened adults of a cochlear implant S. OGara


Evaluation of North Wales Cochlear Implant Remote Check Service- Including Service User and Clinician Feedback RDavies


Evaluating the effectiveness and user satisfaction of the MEDEL direct care service Andrew Neale


Early Listeners' Group Sarah Angove


Early clinical experience of intraoperative - R.Hughes


Do interventions based on the viability of the electrode-neural interface improve cochlear implant outcomes a systematic review Jason TH Lien


Development of New Open Set Speech Material for Clinical Assessment M Keshavarzi


Developing a preference-based-measure for children with hearing loss Adam Pedley


detection of electrode array scalar location using a novel imaging resea...


Cochlear Kanso 2 User Survey at the North Wales Auditory Implant Service Initial Outcomes. Maeve Dennehy


Cochlear implantation under local anaesthetic on the Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme uses during the pandemic and capturing patient experience E Jeffs


Cochlear implantation in patients with cardiac frailty E. Stapleton


Cochlear implant users preferences and speech recognition performance during online video calls F. PereaPerez


Cochlear implant outcomes in patients with Menieres disease Cillian Forde


Cochlear duct length measurements S Surtee


Clinicians and parents opinions of an objective measure... S. Harrison


Clinical experience of the OSIA BCHD device Elizabeth Whittle


Change Management in a global pandemic. How we did it K.Hanvey


C1 implant user's views on the Chorus sound processor upgrade by Advanced Bionics B. Akande


Blinded Comparison R Abrar


Birmingham Paediatric Predicted Outcome Scale (BPPOS) a tool for CI decision making in highly complex cases H.Ager


Auditory Skills Outcomes in a Paediatric Cochlear Implant Population with Complex Medical Needs N. Winnie


Auditory Performance Outcomes for Cochlear Implant Users with Mondini Dysplasia E.Arthur


Auditory implants and scuba diving Rhodri Jones


An Audit of Cochlear Implant Review Patients Richeldis France


Adaptation to noise in cochlear-implant users Marrufo Perez


Improving adult CI referral in the UK H.Cullington


Developing a correction technique to improve the accuracy ofcochlear imp...


How variation in Cochlear Implant performance relates to differences in ...
Vestibular Assessment in Congenital CMV Infection - Carvalho, L