Many congratulations to members Simon Lloyd and Neil Donnelly for editing this valuable book.

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The development of new technology in hearing aid devices as well as
imaging techniques has improved the possibilities of meeting the patient‘s
individual needs. This book, in which experts from around the world have
contributed, comprehensively covers advances in all aspects of hearing
implantation otology. Chapters review the evidence behind the current applications
of the wide range of hearing implants available for different types
of hearing loss. Further articles discuss the extended applications of implantation
otology and let us have a glimpse into the future of hearing rehabilitation.
New imaging techniques for the middle and inner ear are explored as
well as innovations to improve Eustachian tube function.
The publication is essential reading to otolaryngologists, audiologists and
hearing rehabilitation professionals. It provides comprehensive coverage of
state of the art hearing rehabilitation across the spectrum of hearing loss:
as such it is a perfect tool for those who wish to develop their knowledge
within the field.