BCIG has the following aims:

  1. To promote all medical, surgical, audiological, educational, rehabilitative and research aspects of auditory implant technologies.
  2. To hold meetings at which those interested in auditory implantation may attend, discuss clinical practice and present clinical and scientific papers.
  3. To take an overarching interest in all aspects of the development of auditory implants (including screening and assessment, service provision, related sciences and health promotion) in the United Kingdom and Eire.
  4. To provide advice on auditory implantation to other related professional organisations, the Department of Health and other relevant bodies.
  5. To facilitate the development of clinical guidelines and standards, providing a forum for members to collaborate and agree best practice, in association with other appropriate stakeholders.
  6. To liaise with similar organisations internationally.
  7. The group shall have at least one scientific and one business meeting per year.

The History of BCIG

BCIG Aims & HistoryIt might be fair to say that the principles of BCIG gradually emerged as the benefits of cochlear implants became more tangible. Commercial multichannel implants were introduced in to the UK in 1988, funded by charity. One of the first meetings on cochlear implants in the overall management of hearing impairment took place on February 24 1989. Speakers, included were Graham Fraser, Roger Thornton, Huw Cooper, Christine Harding (a patient), Damien Bains’ mother, Richard Ramsden and Sue Roberts. Constitutional organisation for a formal BCIG took place later in the year.

The main focus at that time was coordination of centres in response to Government funding for a 3 year assessment, over seen by Quentin Summerfield and David Marshall. The study successfully showed that CIs were both clinically and cost effective in the treatment of severe to profound hearing loss. It also saw the transformation of funding from charity to the National Health Service.

Between 1990 and 2003 BCIG met twice a year holding a 1 day academic and a 1 day ‘Business’ meeting. Eventually this was formalised into the annual two day meetings that are currently held today.

We are still trying to un-earth details of the earlier meetings – so any information would be really appreciated.

Currently we have the following.

  Academic Business Chair
1990 London   Graham Fraser
1991 Edinburgh 1st AGM   Graham Fraser
1992     Richard Ramsden
1993     Richard Ramsden
1994 Ayr   Richard Ramsden
1995 Edinburgh   Richard Ramsden
1996 Cardiff    Richard Ramsden
1997 Manchester   Richard Ramsden
1998 Belfast Manchester Huw Cooper
1999 York Bridgend Huw Cooper
2000 Ayr Bristol Huw Cooper
2001 North Wales Stone Staffs Huw Cooper
2002 Southampton Manchester John Graham
2003 Belfast London – GOSH John Graham

 Changed to 1 meeting per year


John Graham

2005 Birmingham   John Graham
2006 London – St Thomas’s   Julie Brinton
2007 Dublin   Julie Brinton
2008 Bradford       Louise Craddock
2009 Cambridge   Louise Craddock
2010 (20th) Southampton   Louise Craddock
2011 Nottingham   Chris Raine
2012 Manchester   Chris Raine
2013 Scotland (Turnberry)   Chris Raine
2014 Leeds   Chris Raine
2015 (25th) Bristol   Tracey Twomey
2016 London   Tracey Twomey
2017 Birmingham Tracey Twomey
2018 Belfast Tracey Twomey
2019 Southampton Tracey Twomey
2020 (30th) Nottingham Helen Cullington
2021 virtual Helen Cullington
2022 Cardiff Helen Cullington
2023 Cambridge
2024 North East