The BCIG (British Cochlear Implant Group) is a professional body with members including clinicians working in cochlear implant centres across the UK, experts and scientist working in the field, manufactures of cochlear implant equipment, and other professionals and members of the public with an interest in cochlear implantation


Adults with cochlear implantsIf you are referred to a cochlear implant centre, you can expect to undergo a comprehensive cochlear implant assessment. This will involve a series of appointments and may take place on several separate occasions. You must be prepared to commit to the full assessment process if you want to be considered for a cochlear implant. The assessment will indicate whether you are a candidate for a cochlear implant. The Guidelines as to who is – or is not – a candidate are governed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and all UK centres comply with these Guidelines. Funding for cochlear implant operations comes from NHS England. If your assessment indicates you would benefit from a cochlear implant, your implant centre will apply for funding on your behalf. Please note that funding for cases that do not meet NICE Guidelines is extremely unlikely.   [go to adult assessments]


Children with cochlear implantsChildren’s implant centres recognise that as parents you will want to be confident that a cochlear implant is right for your child. The assessment is therefore very detailed and no-one will be hurried into making any decisions. [go to children assessments]