Meet the speakers at BAA Annual Conference 2022!

We are delighted to have clinical leaders and expert research professionals providing clinic-changing presentations across a broad spectrum of audiology topics.

Introducing our eponymous lecturer and keynote speakers: 

“Adrian Davis Lecture: Hearing loss and cognition. From epidemiology to clinical trials” Dr Sergi Costafreda Gonzalez Associate Professor, Mental Health of Older Adults, Division of Psychiatry, UCL | Camden & Islington Foundation Trust
“Bamford Lecture: Neuroscience of hearing & language: The importance of early access to sound” Dr Paul Johns Consultant Neuropathologist and Reader in Clinical Neuroanatomy, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation
“Keynote Lecture: The auditory brain – from sound to meaning” Professor Sophie Scott CBE Director, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London
“Keynote Lecture: Psychological approaches to supporting those experiencing vestibular symptoms” Dr Zara Jay Clinical Psychologist, University College London Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital
“Keynote Lecture: Supporting quality of life through sensory health in people with dementia” Professor Iracema Leroi Associate Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry, Global Brain Health Institute, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
With a whole host of other eminent speakers also presenting:
Adam Beckman
Andrew Soulby
Dean Metz
Professor Doris-Eva Bamiou
Professor Helen Cullington
Dr Jack Holman
Jason Smalley
Mahdiyya Dharas
Dr Rebecca Millman
Dr Richard Windle
Dr Sarah Hughes
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