words for Here Comes the Sun


We are unable sadly to meet in person this year for the BCIG conference. However, I hope you will consider this opportunity for us to connect virtually, to celebrate through a song of hope! 

This Musical Wall will feature a recording of the Beatles song, ‘Here comes the sun’, performed by as many of those involved in BCIG as possible! You don’t need to be a singer, musician or have sung before in a choir!

  • You can participate individually or in your teams. It would be wonderful to have all Centres and Companies represented
  • See attached instructions, lyrics and musical recording 

The video you provide will be used solely for the purpose of sharing with attendees at the BCIG Conference 2021, which is a virtual event delivered on a third party digital platform.

The videos will be deleted once they have been shown in the BCIG conference. The videos will not be stored.


In submitting this video, you are giving permission for the content and images to be used within the main conference proceedings of the British Cochlear Implant Group Meeting, due to take place on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th May 2021. This will be delivered on a virtual third party digital platform. Only registered delegates of the BCIG are able to access this content. The event will be recorded and the content will be made available to delegates for a maximum of 2 months after the event, after which point the video will be deleted.


Instructions and tips for your recording:

• Choose a recording you can comfortably sing

Version A: Sing the whole song

Version B: Just sing the phrase ‘Sun, sun, sun here it comes’’. This is sung 5 times in the middle of the song


  • You will need TWO devices to record your video – ideally your phone to record on and a tablet, iPad, laptop, desktop or other phone to play the song on headphones.

Please don’t record yourself with the track playing out loud

  • When filming, make sure you film in portrait and look into the camera leaving 20 seconds before and after.
  • Film yourself so that you are visible from the top of your head to mid-torso
  • Please record yourself singing either Version A or B from the start to the end.
  • Sing and enjoy it!  Please don’t worry if you feel you cannot sing!

Feel free to move, dance or use actions – sign along!

If you are singing Version B: ‘Sun, sun, sun here it comes’ x 5  this could be an individual recording or a group in your Centre.

What to wear:

  • The song is one of hope – anything bright and fun
  • Bear in mind though we’ll only be able to see your top half!

Submitting your recordings:

  • Please label your video with your name/Centre and send to carocca@hotmail.com
  • If files are too large please use WeTransfer.

Please send your video as soon as it is completed. The deadline for submitting your video is Monday 5th April 2021.

Any questions, please contact christine.rocca@gstt.nhs.uk – 07500956755

Thank you very much for taking part!