As you may be aware, just before Christmas NICE called for a review of paragraph 1.5 of TA166, guidance for cochlear implantation. Our BCIG Candidacy Working Group came into its own and Padraig Kitterick and Deborah Vickers in particular worked extremely hard to look at the service evaluation study data and provide us with our own evidence to support a proposed change in performance measure for adults. We also worked closely with Brian Lamb and other members of the Adult Cochlear Implant Action Group (ACIAG), of which BCIG is a member and our Candidacy Working Group to provide evidence to support a reduction in the hearing threshold criteria. As before with NICE, the time window for the review was very tight. However, we were able to agree a response which is evidence based and consistent. The British Society of Audiology, which also works to improve clinical practice and informing national public sector policy, was pleased to endorse this which adds further weight to our position. Our response is available to view here.
We are indebted to Padraig, Debi, Brian and other colleagues in the field for their support in this endeavour. We look forward to the next phase of the review and will keep our members informed of progress.