The cochlear implant Champions scheme was launched by Martin O’Driscoll from BCIG and Ann-Marie Dickinson from BAA Service Quality Committee at the BAA conference 2019. The aim of the scheme is to ensure all eligible adults and children, and their families, are well-informed about cochlear implants and are offered a timely referral.  The Mentor is a role taken on by an experienced CI audiologist who works within a CI team. Their role is to support the Champions, who will each support their own team. The Champions and Mentor form a link between implant and referral services.

Auditbase: BCIG CI Referral Report
The BCIG has a Crystal report that was developed after excellent collaboration between Auditdata, a number of pilot Audiology departments (Manchester Royal Infirmary, Middlesbrough, Southend, North Devon District Hospital and St George’s hospital) and Cochlear. Given the importance of this project we are pleased to announce that it is now supported by all four cochlear implant manufacturers (Advanced Bionics, Cochlear, MED-EL and Oticon Medical).
The BCIG CI Referral Report allows Audiology departments to identify and analyse patients who fall within CI audiometric candidacy guidelines in a time-efficient way. Audiologists can monitor what happens to the referral status of their patients over time and identify initiatives to help improve their referral practice. The BCIG can help you find one-to-one support in using the report, analysing the results, and setting action plans.

In order to track progress and see where we can help, we are asking centres to share the anonymised report data with BCIG each time the report is run. We intend to collate these data nationally and analyse and report them every 6 months. We suggest running the report every 3 months.
Please contact us to receive the report; there is more information in the BCIG CI Referral Report user guide.

More information on the Champions Scheme can be found here:

If you use Practice Navigator, please see ‘Step 2: Finding the patients’ on BAA website, and for a copy of the report please email:


If you’re a CI Champion, get in touch to have one of these badges!