“I was fitted with a cochlear implant 2 years ago, and it is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE!! without doubt.  Previously I wore private hearing aids (as the NHS said they couldn’t provide me with hearing aids powerful enough to be of use) and I thought they were good enough,  however,  I have always been alert to any improvements in help for people who are deaf. I could go on forever about the disadvantages of deafness … the loneliness and just everything, your education suffers, the limitations with your choice of career, (frankly you don’t really have a wide choice being deaf) BUT after my implant my life is transformed I can make out almost every word that is spoken to me, I can join in things, I no longer need someone with me if I have to go and meet a doctor,  or any other professional person (before I was so worried the men may have facial hair, and I couldn’t lip read what they said) 

I apologise for this lengthy message but I am just so thrilled with my implant,  fabulous,  I feel so confident now.”