Advances in Auditory Implants Masterclass
UCL Ear Institute
4 – 6 June 2018
Monday 4th June– DAY 1 of the “Advances in Auditory Implants” Masterclass
This day will provide an overview of different types of implantable devices and candidacy guidelines both in the UK and worldwide. Single-sided deafness will be explored. The main focus of the afternoon will be on cochlear implants, including psychophysics and sound processing in cochlear implants, and cochlear implant fitting.
Tuesday 5th June – DAY 2 of “Advances in Auditory Implants” Masterclass
The morning will cover auditory brain implants, middle ear implants, bone conduction devices, and electro-acoustic hearing devices. The fitting of auditory implants other than cochlear implants and contralateral hearing aids will also be examined. We will also look at the non-traditional candidate. The afternoon will concentrate on the use of objective measures for fitting and monitoring and there will be a live surgery to demonstrate the surgical approach and issues in implantation.
Wednesday 6th June – DAY 3 of “Advances in Auditory Implants” Masterclass
This day will be focussed on optimising outcomes and thinking about future perspectives and will include approaches to habilitation of children and adults. The enjoyment of music by adult listeners, and the use of music as a therapy tool will be examined, as will some recent work on the impact of singing programmes on hearing impaired children. Finally we will look at advances for the future including advances in biological treatment, software and implant design.