Deafness and Autism:
Can children benefit from hearing technology?
Focusing on the use of hearing technology and listening, this new one day international conference brings together leaders in the field with expertise in deafness and autism.

For audiologists, educators, speech and language therapists and other professionals interested in the use of hearing technology for children with autism. We have 20 reduced price tickets for parents and carers of children with hearing loss.

Confirmed speakers include:

• Christine Yoshinaga-Itano

• Amy Stephens

• Julie Kosaner

• Chris Rocca

Learn from Christine Yoshinaga-Itano as she describes red flags in child development that support early identification of autism in children with hearing loss.

Develop practical strategies for testing, fitting and wearing of hearing technology.

Reflect on how listening and music can support interaction and communication

Impact your practice, leave confident in the knowledge children with autism can benefit from hearing technology and ways to achieve it.

The Ear Foundation
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