Most of the current cochlear implant systems offer a wide variety of accessories designed for a variety of different listening situations. These connect to your speech processor directly or via an adapter/shoe. The following accessories are available for most of the current cochlear implant systems, but check with your local implant centre for more advice:

– Lapel Microphone: This is a microphone that can clip onto your clothes and can improve communication in noisy situations. You can also place the microphone in the centre of a table when trying to communicate in group situations/restaurants.

– Lapel Clip: The lapel clip can be used to hold the lapel microphone or other accessories in place.

– Ear Hook: Your implant system may come with different ear hook sizes for increased comfort.

Telecoil: The telecoil can be used with a hearing aid compatible telephone or in a room fitted with an induction loop.

– FM Cable: An FM cable is used to connect to a commercially available FM system. These are frequently used in schools and colleges to improve communication between the teacher and pupil.

– TV/Hi-Fi Cable: A TV/Hi-Fi cable can be used to connect your speech processor to equipment powered from a wall outlet such as a TV, Stereo or personal computer.

– Personal Audio Cable: This is similar to the TV/Hi-Fi cable except that it can only be used with battery powered equipment, such as a personal stereo.

– Troubleshooting Accessories: Some speech processors have troubleshooting accessories designed to help the implant user or a normal hearing person ascertain if the implant is working. These include monitoring earphones and signal checkers.

– Processor Pouches: Your body worn speech processor will come with a pouch to keep it in or it may have a belt clip attached. You can purchase additional small pouches from shops or make your own to match your outfit. Money belts can also come in handy.

– Conference Microphone: Some speech processors have a conference microphone available for larger meetings.

– Direct input cable for Nokia Mobile Telephones: Some speech processors may have direct input cables for Nokia telephones.

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