MED-EL appreciate that cochlear implant users never want to miss a moment to hear life. That’s why honest, transparent, and up-to-date information about the reliability of our cochlear implant systems is of key importance to us, so you can make an informed choice.

MED-EL’s reliability data is unique in that it includes all reasons for an implant explantation, not just reliability.

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UK Shop

If you are a UK registered user, the parent or supporting professional of a UK registered user, you are now able to buy a range of items directly from MED-EL UK including spares, replacement cables, batteries and other exciting accessories.

For more information, including product catalogues visit Watch out for our online shop coming soon!

UK Music Grant

MED-EL UK offers two music grant awards per year: one for recipients under 19 years of age and one for ages 19 and over. The grant gives the winners the chance to own a musical instrument of their choice and take lessons for one year.

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