Innovation – Binaural heading

Cochlear implantation restores speech recognition and communication abilities for patients with severe to profound hearing loss. Today, adult implants are typically done on a single ear, but speech understanding in noisy conditions and auditory localization remains a challenge for these patients.

According to many scientific studies, bilateral implantation is known to afford significant improvements over monaural implantation. In short, two implants do significantly improve a patient’s hearing.

DS_SP_Binaural1At Neurelec, we think it’s important for patients to access the most natural hearing. We have designed the Digisonic® SP Binaural implant to stimulate both ears, and our Saphyr, newest generation of processors associated with controlateral microphone to be as  easy to use as any monaural implant, just as reliable, while ensuring true binaural performance.

The Digisonic® SP Binaural is  unique. It is the only implant dedicated to binaural stimulation for adult patients.

DS_SP_Binaural2Unlike having two separate implants, one in each ear (bilateral implantation), the Digisonic® SP Binaural integrates two electrode arrays into one single implant allowing both ears to be stimulated simultaneously and synchronously thereby producing a single stereo sound.

The DIGISONIC® SP BINAURAL is registered under the NHS

Digisonic Binaural implant offers the possibility to UK adult patients, to be implanted in both ears, for the same price as a standard cochlear implant. The Digisonic® Binaural implant is registered under the NHS, meaning that patients can choose between a standard cochlear for one ear, or decide to have both ears stimulated.