The Ponto System

The Ponto System is a full range of bone anchored sound processors, wireless accessories, implant and surgical components, and fitting software. Renowned for its premium sound quality, Ponto sound processors help users achieve better speech understanding and more comfortable listening in even the most challenging situations.
A complete solution for lifelong patient outcomes

The Ponto bone anchored hearing system is designed to ensure successful outcomes and improved hearing for patients with conductive and mixed hearing losses. It can be used for single-sided deafness or fitted bilaterally (on both ears).

A Ponto bone anchored system consists of three parts:

  1. A small (3 or 4 mm) titanium implant that sits in the bone behind the ear
  2. An abutment that juts out through the skin
  3. A Ponto sound processor
Oticon Ponto System

Ponto Plus

Introducing the most powerful family of wireless sound processors

Oticon Ponto PlusPonto Plus offers access to the widest range of wireless options without compromising on power and sound quality. Built on the Inium platform, Ponto Plus features a new powerful transducer, the innovative Inium feedback shield and the latest Bluetooth 2.4 GHz wireless technology. All in addition to the well know features of Ponto. It has been robustly designed to meet the challenges of everyday activities. So you can enjoy better hearing when you need it most.

Our most powerful transducer

Ponto Plus is the most powerful ear-level bone anchored sound processor family in the market. Thanks to the optimized design of the new transducer, Ponto Plus delivers more output in the mid to high frequency range. So you can enjoy more of the everyday sounds and more power where it is most needed.

Inium feedback shield

Ponto Plus features our most advanced feedback protection system ever, the Inium feedback shield, including for the first time in a bone anchored hearing system, a novel frequency shift, designed to give less whistling and fewer artificial sounds as you move through changing sound environments throughout the day.

Wireless communication possibilities

With help from the Ponto Streamer you can connect your Ponto Plus to the widest range of wireless options without compromising on power and sound quality. All controlled by one device.

Plus so much more…

Ponto Plus contains all the well known features of Ponto, designed to automatically adjust to the situation and the environment and provide the superior sound quality which Ponto is renowned for.

Designed for an active life

Ponto PlusPonto Plus has been robustly tested and designed to meet the challenges of active lives. The durable and reliable design reduces wind noise and limits water, dust and debris from getting inside the processor. So whatever the situation, it will support your lifestyle. Reliability


31445Depending on your listening needs, your audiologist will recommend the regular Ponto Plus or the stronger Ponto Plus Power. Both are available in dedicated left and right versions and four different colors that blend in with most hair shades. Models and features

Ponto Plus for children

33004Ponto Plus is equipped with a tamper-proof battery-door to prevent children from opening it. Furthermore, a range of colourful stickers and skins give children a possibility to add a personal touch to their Ponto Plus. Children

Ponto Streamer – Wireless Opportunities

Ponto StreamerCommunication is an integral part of today’s fast-paced world. With Ponto Streamer you can enjoy wireless access to your most important communication devices, as well as looped environments through its built-in telecoil.
Wireless access to communication and entertainment devices

The Ponto Streamer can transmit most audio sources wirelessly to your Ponto Plus sound processor. For example, when used with your cell phone, it turns your sound processor into a wireless headset. It also functions as a remote control for the sound processor making it easy to change program or adjust the volume. To enjoy music using the Ponto Streamer, simply connect it to your PC or MP3 player using a cable or via Bluetooth.

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Digisonic® SP*

Our implant range includes Digisonic® SP and Digisonic® SP EVO cochlear implants and Digisonic® SP ABI brainstem implant. The Digisonic® SP is renowned for being robust, reliable and easy to insert.

Highly resistant to shock

The Digisonic® SP implant is the most compact implant on the market thanks to the encapsulation of the magnet and the receiver in the same ceramic casing. For over 30 years, ceramic materials have demonstrated their strength and high shock resistance in the medical field. Combining this robust material with a titanium base requires state of the art expertise and technology possessed only by Oticon Medical.

Soft surgery

Our implant is designed so that the surgery can be as minimal invasive as possible. A screw fixation system holds the implant in place. This unique technique provides a secure fit of the implant and allows the surgeon to avoid drilling a bone bed in the skull. This also reduces surgical time and healing complications.

MRI compatible

The Digisonic® SP implant range is compatible with MRI tests at 1,5 Tesla, commonly used in clinical practice. Find out more about medical examinations.

Different types of electrode-arrays are available on the Digisonic® SP cochlear implant, all designed for an easy insertion to preserve the cochlea and ensure the process is as atraumatic as possible.

Saphyr® neo collection sound processor*

The Saphyr® neo collection sound processor is designed to provide a better speech understanding in the most challenging environments thanks to its advanced sound processing technologies and an easy access to wireless hearing systems.

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