Our implant range includes Digisonic® SP and Digisonic® SP EVO cochlear implants and Digisonic® SP ABI brainstem implant. The Digisonic® SP is renowned for being robust, reliable and easy to insert.

Highly resistant to shock

The Digisonic® SP implant is the most compact implant on the market thanks to the encapsulation of the magnet and the receiver in the same ceramic casing. For over 30 years, ceramic materials have demonstrated their strength and high shock resistance in the medical field. Combining this robust material with a titanium base requires state of the art expertise and technology possessed only by Oticon Medical.

Soft surgery

Our implant is designed so that the surgery can be as minimal invasive as possible. A screw fixation system holds the implant in place. This unique technique provides a secure fit of the implant and allows the surgeon to avoid drilling a bone bed in the skull. This also reduces surgical time and healing complications.

MRI compatible

The Digisonic® SP implant range is compatible with MRI tests at 1,5 Tesla, commonly used in clinical practice. Find out more about medical examinations.

Different types of electrode-arrays are available on the Digisonic® SP cochlear implant, all designed for an easy insertion to preserve the cochlea and ensure the process is as atraumatic as possible.