SYNCHRONY System-340The SYNCHRONY CI System combines water-resistant and waterproof wearing options, unparalleled MRI safety, outstanding reliability, and MED-EL‘s proven hearing performance.

The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant is the smallest and lightest implant with the highest MRI safety allowing scanning at 3T without requiring magnet removal, for comfort, long-term safety and peace of mind.

MED-EL audio processors are comfortable and easy to use. The lightweight and water-resistant SONNET and SONNET EAS Audio Processor features; up to 60 hours of battery life, datalogging, built-in wireless connectivity and Automatic Sound Management 2.0. It takes milliseconds to adapt to different listening environments, along with automatic volume control, wind noise reduction and microphone directionality.

The unique single-unit RONDO 2 Audio Processor offers the freedom of nothing behind the ear and is fully rechargeable offering over 18 hours of use from just one charge. Also featuring Automatic Sound Management, and is completely waterproof with the WaterWear accessory.

RONDO 2 is designed to be so easy to use with its innovative wireless charging, RONDO 2 has just one simple on/off button and automatically controls volume levels for you. It’s easy to connect to your phone or TV using intelligent wireless accessories, and the compact design means it can be hidden discreetly under your hair. It’s Never Been Easier – Easy to use. Easy to charge. Easy to wear.