Chapter 1 –

Many people wonder if having a cochlear implant is the right choice, they have similar fears and share hopes and dreams about how an implant will affect their lives. What can they expect? What will happen? How will they feel before and after surgery?

Working with MED-EL, Vera, a MED-EL cochlear implant recipient, shares her personal journey from her pre-operative consultation, surgery and life following switch-on in a series of short videos.

The videos not only follow Vera’s journey but also highlights the challenges and achievements on the road to hearing again. In her own words, Vera shares her experience of living with hearing loss and how she felt during each stage of her cochlear implant journey and beyond.


Episode 1 – The Decision

Episode 2 – The Surgery

Episode 3 – The Activation

Episode 4 – The Rehabilitation

Episode 5 – Life with a Cochlear Implant

Episode 6 – The final chapter due out soon!

To follow Vera’s journey the videos can be found at