Membership of the BCIG is open to anyone who has a clinical role in the field of auditory implants, or who is actively involved in research into auditory implants or who represents other allied non-commercial organisations. This will include members of auditory implant centres, employees of auditory implant manufacturers who provide clinical support, researchers, appropriate retired professionals and representatives of auditory implant patient groups. A member may be an individual, a [non-commercial] corporate body, or an individual or corporate body representing an organisation which is not incorporated.  The annual subscription is £85.  Membership includes 6 issues per annum of the BCIG journal, ‘ Cochlear Implants International’.

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Once your membership is approved by the Membership Secretary, we will ask you to pay the £85 annual subscription.

We also have Corporate membership, which is a non-voting membership with an annual subscription of £2,500.