Magnet Resonance Imaging and Auditory Implantation Radiographer Training Session

produced by the Manchester Royal Infirmary in Collaboration with The British Cochlear Implant Group

This series of videos was developed to help radiographers and other clinicians involved in undertaking MRI scanning of patients who have auditory implants understand the potential problems that can arise following scanning and provide advice on how to avoid these problems developing. It has been approved by the College of Radiographers for CPD (see certificate at bottom of page).
The videos in this resource should be viewed in the order shown below; the total time is around 3 hours:

    • Introduction


Welcome from BCIG


Cochlear presentation Anne Small, Clinical Technical Specialist

Please cut and paste this link in to your search window to view the Cochlear presentation – you may need to search for MRI (




Advanced Bionics magnet removal


Advanced Bionics


Oticon Medical


How to do a head wrap scan


Distortion reduction


Complications of MRI in patients with auditory implants


Patient experience in Manchester


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CPD Now certificate