Surgically implanted hearing devices in the UK have steadily increased over the past 20 years and implant centres are now maintaining approximately 20,000 cochlear implant patients. Despite this, we currently don’t have a comprehensive way of capturing data on these devices – this means we can’t use data to improve patient safety, national practices, implant effectiveness, or quality of care. BCIG has therefore initiated the development of a National Registry of Hearing Implants (NRHI). BCIG members indicated overwhelming support for this project (94%), as did cochlear implant recipients/their parents (97%).

Katherine Wilson, Chair of the NRHI Steering Group, says “It is a long process, but with the excellent collaboration of key stakeholders (Patient groups, MHRA, Cochlear Implant Manufacturers, NHS England, and senior Hearing Implant clinicians), the NRHI steering committee is making steady progress.” Dan Jiang, Chair of the Dataset Committee agrees, “We are now in Phase 2 of the Delphi Survey – this is helping us to determine which data to include in this important registry”. The next few months will see the Steering Group agree funding, as well as choose a data “processor”, i.e., a company which will store and manage the Registry.

If you would like to get involved in the next stages of development of the registry, please contact BCIG.