At this year’s annual meeting BCIG council described that membership runs from September from each year, and asked all members to amend their standing order to be paid into the BCIG account on the 1st of September, the current membership fee is £85 for a UK and Ireland based member. It was recognised that this would disadvantage a small proportion of the membership who have historically paid at other times during the year, once their membership was approved.

The management of the membership database, associated finances and details for journal distribution have necessitated this change, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please understand that as council is made up of volunteers that we need to make the system manageable and appreciate your support with this.

The council would like to give you the opportunity to amend your payment, and ensure that you have paid the £85 subscription fee by the end of October 2016.

If you have not paid the correct amount by this date, you will be removed from the BCIG membership and will not receive the journal. In addition, you will not be eligible for the members discount to the annual meeting.

There are still a significant number of members paying less than £85. This is not sustainable for the organisation, and does not cover the cost of the journal subscription. Again, unless this is corrected by the end of October 2016, membership will be withdrawn.

The standing order needs to be made to the Treasurers account of BCIG.
Sort code 30-93-71
Account Number 48713468
BIC LoydGB21020
IBAN GB66 LOYD 3093 7148 7134 68

We would be extremely grateful if you could email Debi Vickers (BCIG Secretary) once you have amended your subscription and she will update the list. In addition please ensure that any discrepancies in payment are rectified and inform Debi of this as well.

Many thanks for your co-operation and understanding in this matter.

BCIG Treasurer