Click here to see our BCIG Professional Guidelines for Rehabilitation Staff working within a Hearing Implant Programme.

A hearing implant team usually includes Rehabilitationists. These clinicians may be qualified as either a Teacher of the Deaf (TOD), a Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) or as a Hearing Therapist (HT). They support newly implanted children and adults with these aspects:

  • Establishing full time use of the external processor;
  • Training/advice regarding equipment care;
  • Awareness of environmental and speech sounds;
  • Monitoring sound delivery through the implant, such as would promote speech and language development and communication;

Some rehabilitation teams may also provide:

  • Training in use of the telephone [where appropriate];
  • Advice on accessing music [where appropriate];
  • Support with transition and change;
  • Advice on promoting communication.

Rehabilitation support may be more intensive in the initial stages of using a hearing implant. Thereafter support is usually available on request.

Download the Implant Centre Teachers of the Deaf (ICTOD) Guidelines for Good Practice