How and when to refer for a cochlear implant:

See the latest guidance by NICE (update in March 2019) on cochlear implants for children and adults with severe to profound deafness here:


Cochlear implant referrals are accepted from Audiologists (NHS and private), ENT specialists, General Practitioners, and other specialties. Please contact your local cochlear implant centre for specific referral guidelines.


All cochlear implant centres in the UK abide by the NICE TA566 guidance and will consider a referral if the criteria below is met:


“Severe to profound deafness is defined as hearing only sounds that are louder than 80 dB HL (pure-tone audiometric threshold equal to or greater than 80 dB HL) at 2 or more frequencies (500 Hz, 1,000 Hz, 2,000 Hz, 3,000 Hz and 4,000 Hz) bilaterally without acoustic hearing aids”


For borderline cases, please contact your local cochlear implant centre for advice.