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Title: Stakeholder Knowledge Elicitation/Engagement To Identify Current Practice and Problems with Decision Making for Hearing Intervention in Children.

Description: Wahid Zaman (PhD Researcher) is conducting a study to help better understand the kind of information clinicians, professionals and parents think is important when making a decision regarding the choice of hearing devices and communication mode for a deaf/Deaf child. Wahid is particularly interested in learning about the concerns of and the challenges parents/guardians face when making a decision for their young deaf/Deaf child.

If you have experience of decision making in children with permanent d/Deafness, please contact Wahid directly by email:

Please click hereto download the Participant Information Sheet. This research forms part of Wahid’s PhD research at Aston University.

University Research Ethics Committee approval number 1708.


Date published: 27/02/2021



Title: The development of a wearable haptic device based on cochlear implant professionals and users’ recommendations


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Date published: 31/01/2021