You will remember that previously the BCIG membership year ran from 1 September each year; this meant that if people joined in for example May, they would have to pay again a few months later.  Many members felt this was unfair.  At the AGM in 2020, we announced that we had changed it to a rolling membership, so that members have a full year from the date they join – regardless of when it is.  We hadn’t realised that as a Charity, we would need a member vote to approve this change to the Constitution.  Our current Constitution is here (see item 8.10).  We propose altering this to say ‘The membership period runs for a year from the date the member joins’
If you are a BCIG member, please vote on this change.  Deadline is 5pm Friday 25 June 2021

Please log in as a BCIG Member before you vote. Click in the blue "Members Login" button at the top of the page. If you are unsure how to do this, please email