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Hearpeers webinars

Hearpeers webinars

MED-EL announce new webinar series

Hearpeers new webinar series

During 2023, MED-EL will be holding a series of monthly webinars that will introduce Hearpeer Mentors, who are also CI users or parents and family of CI users. You will find out more about them, their hearing journey and their achievements.

Are you considering a hearing implant?

Is your child or someone close to you considering a hearing implant?

Are you, your child or someone close to you newly implanted and would like to get hints and tips on getting the most out of your audio processor?

The first webinar of the series will be on Saturday 18th March 1am - 11.30am and you will meet Will, a MED-EL CI user.

“My life has completely changed since I had my first implant, the amount of opportunities it has given me is staggering”

Join Will in this webinar as he discusses his experience of living with a CI and the impact it has had on his sporting career.  There will be a Q&A session so that you may ask any questions you may have.

Saturday 18th March  11am – 11,30am.  Please  click here to book your free place.

For further information about this and future webinars, please visit the MED-EL website.

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