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MRI Info Sheet

MRI Considerations

Cochlear implants (CI) all have an internal magnet; some – but not all – models are compatible with MRI scanning.  Some may need magnet removal before scanning; in some patients MRI scanning is completely contraindicated.  If a patient with a cochlear implant needs an MRI scan, please refer to the manufacturer safety guidelines and contact the patient’s cochlear implant centre.  MRI guidelines may differ in other countries, so please ensure you follow the links which will provide UK information.


Patient information leaflet

We have put together a four-page general information leaflet for people with cochlear implants who are referred for an MRI scan. It has been approved for clarity by the Plain English Campaign. Thank you to the working group who gave so much time to this.

Please download the leaflet here or view the BSL version below:


MRI scans

Please see the leaflets below for general information about MRI scans for people who find reading difficult.  Please note, these are NOT specifically for people with cochlear implants, and do not mention cochlear implants.

Having an MRI scan (simple text)

MRI scan (more simple)


Reporting a problem with a medical device to the MHRA

We strongly encourage reporting of any adverse incidents involving devices to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) via Yellow Card. This includes adverse incidents with cochlear implants following an MRI scan. Yellow Card reports help to detect any adverse trends.

Anyone can make a report.
Please find more information here.

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