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PPIE Group

Map of support groups in UK and Ireland

A directory of support groups across the UK and Ireland is now available - thanks to the BCIG PPIE Group. 

The map is available here

National Cochlear Implant Users Association Newsletter

An article about the BCIG PPIE Group has been published in the National Cochlear Implant Users Association Newsletter: Involving and engaging patients and the public. The article may be read here.

What are the most pressing issues for patients with / waiting for Cochlear implants?

Our new PPIE Group coordinator, Anna Tucker, has released the first report from the group: key issues, as reported by CI users, parents of CI users and patients awaiting for CIs

The report is available here.

Great work, Anna and the Group!



BCIG has formed a Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement group to increase CI user input in our national charity and to help make our Annual Meetings more centred around CI user experiences and problems. It was great to have members on a panel at this year's meeting!  

We are also very interested in people with CI having input into where CI research should go - helping us to understand what research is possible and useful or could be made more useful.  Several research projects are currently underway and have requested help from people with CI  (and parents of children with CI) from within this group.

Would you like to be part of this venture? It is not necessary to take part in every research project or attend every meeting. This is an opportunity to let the professionals know how things are from YOUR side.

Meetings take place online and we are able to support people with communication needs.

Please send expressions of interest to Laura in the BCIG office: 

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Membership of the BCIG is open to anyone who has a clinical role in the field of auditory implants, or who is actively involved in research into auditory implants or who represents other allied non-commercial organisations.


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