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MED-EL UK are Going Green!

MED-EL UK are Going Green!

Company announces new green initiatives

Climate change is currently a hot topic and everyone must play their part to drive change. MED-EL UK are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and as such, have already implemented various green initiatives.

Protecting and restoring nature provides an effective solution to combat climate change. With that in mind… an idea was planted! In April 2022 the first MED-EL Miracle Trees were planted in South Africa, with a pledge to plant a tree on behalf of every UK & Ireland cochlear implant recipient to help grow a better and brighter future.

Various aspects of MED-EL UK’s business have also had a green overhaul. A subsidised cycle-to-work scheme is offered as well as providing the sales team with eco-friendly electric vehicles. From a product distribution perspective, boxes are actively recycled and paper tape and paper jiffy bags are used instead of plastic on all packaging.

Everyone can help make a difference! Hearing device users are encouraged to utilise the MED-EL recycle boxes supplied to clinics by dropping off their used equipment such as processors, magnets and cables etc. Alternatively, users can directly send the items back using the free-post label. To request a label simply email


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