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MED-EL announce latest audio processor

MED-EL announce latest audio processor

Blend in or stand out in RONDO 3!

Show off your superpower with MED-EL’s latest cochlear implant audio processor — RONDO 3. Not only does it come with a range of features, but it looks great, so users can feel confident wearing it.


The RONDO 3 audio processor is worn off-the-ear. That means no ear hooks, coils, or cables. A range of design covers also provides users with the option to either STAND OUT and show it off, or blend in and wear it discreetly, depending on the day. The reusable and fully waterproof WaterWear covers also offer the freedom to hear while enjoying time in the water.

RONDO 3 comes with a range of features to offer easy handling and wireless streaming from smartphones, TVs, tablets, and more:

  • Compatibility with all hearing aids
  • Wireless charging for simplicity
  • All-day battery power
  • Superior hearing thanks to dual microphones
  • Simple streaming with AudioLink
  • Stays in place thanks to S-Vector magnet
  • Ready for everyday splashes and rain (IP68 rating*)

* Immersion in water (up to a maximum depth of 1 m for 60 minutes).

To find out if a MED-EL cochlear implant and RONOD 3 audio processor are perfect for you, or someone you care for, click here to request a free information pack -

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