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Cambridge CI users

Cambridge CI users

Social and support event

The Cambridgeshire Cochlear Implant Social Group are running two more events for Addenbrookes patients, carers, CI users and those who are working towards CI Implantation. They meet face to face over coffee and cakes to discuss all things CI and much more.

All makes of CI users are welcome, as are those who are considering or being assessed for a Cochlear Implant. Parents and partners alike are welcome as they are also impacted by the process. Sessions are informal drop in/out times to suit you.

The events will be held in Cambridge on 30th September and in Ipswich on 4th November

To book your space please email

Numbers are limited, please reserve your space for all sessions. Joining instructions will be issued strictly on a first come first served basis.

Why not join the Facebook group to exchange with other local CI users? Search in the Facebook Groups’ box for:
“Cambridgeshire Cochlear Implant Social Group”

Become a BCIG Member

Membership of the BCIG is open to anyone who has a clinical role in the field of auditory implants, or who is actively involved in research into auditory implants or who represents other allied non-commercial organisations.


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