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Awareness campaigns for cochlear implants

Awareness campaigns for cochlear implants

Article in CI Journal

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Awareness campaigns for cochlear implants: Are we making an impact?

Authors: Joshua M. Kang, Mihai Bentan,Daniel H. Coelho

This study aimed to determine if the major public awareness campaign for cochlear implants ‘International Cochlear Implant Day’ influenced national and international public interest as measured by internet search activity.

Weekly search volume data in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Japan, and a ‘Worldwide’ group for the search topic ‘cochlear implant’ was collected from Google Trends over a 5-year period (2017–2021). The ‘Campaign’ window was defined as 1 week before, the week of, and 2 weeks after International Cochlear Implant Day (February 25th). ‘Non-Campaign’ weeks were considered any data outside the ‘Campaign’ window.

Of the studied regions, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, and ‘Global’ demonstrated a significant increase in internet search activity between 2017 and 2021. Although some individual years showed significant increases during the ‘Campaign’ period for Canada, Germany, Brazil, and Japan, none showed statistically significant increases over the 5-year period studied.

Public awareness campaigns are recognized crucial elements to delivering effective healthcare, but their success varies worldwide. While data from Google Trends suggests that cochlear implant awareness campaigns can translate into increased internet searches, greater efforts can be made in select countries to improve public interest.

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