Referring for Cochlear Implants

Do you need information on how and when to refer for a a cochlear implant? Click here: www.bcig.org.uk/referring-for-a-cochlear-implant


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About cochlear implants

A cochlear implant is an electronic device which may be suitable for children and adults who receive no useful benefit from conventional hearing aids. Conventional hearing aids work by making sounds louder.


Other implantable devices

Cochlear implants are not suitable for all profoundly deaf or deafened adults and children. There are some other options detailed for your information such as Assistive devices and other communication options.


Cochlear implant FAQs

A list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about cochlear implants including information about how an implant can help; the operation; wearing one on a daily basis; and options for training when using one.


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